The Babadook – Credits Sequence

Commercial, Direction, Film

After finishing the visual effect sequences on the Babadook, the director, Jenifer Kent and producer Kristina Ceyton approached KOJO to come up with a creative way to produce the movie’s credits sequence. We toyed with different methods but the answer was right in front of us.

The pop-up book is prominent in the movie but you really don’t get to appreciate the incredibly detailed pen and ink work that Alexander Juhasz created.

James Boorman and I teamed up to create a homage to this great piece of art, to help bring it to life again, as a final closing to the movie.

A huge thank you goes out to KOJO for letting us loose on this project and to Jenifer and Christina for sending us the original book and other artworks.

The Babadook is a great view if you want to see a fantastic piece of Australian cinema. Well worth the watch, even if it does give you goosebumps….

Studio Photography