Category: Photography

One light wonder

March 22, 2017

We’ve known Tim for a long time so when he stopped by the studio one night he quickly found himself standing under the light as a model guinea pig for a future shoot.              

WALK Magazine

March 20, 2017

Walk magazine approached Collusion Pictures to create a cover image for their new magazine. They asked for something a little younger and different from what they had done in the past.  With the magazine name being very bold and colourful we immediately had an idea that had to be tested. We started with some tests…

After finishing the visual effect sequences on the Babadook, the director, Jenifer Kent and producer Kristina Ceyton approached KOJO to come up with a creative way to produce the movies credits sequence. We toyed with different methods but the answer was right in front of us. The pop-up book is prominent in the movie but…